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Welcome to
Social Media Burst

More than a social media agency.
We're your revenue growth partner.

Currently accepting social media advertising clients.

Digital Advertising Agency

Turning dreams into revenue

Founded and headquartered in Los Angeles, Social Media Burst specializes in social media advertising and social media management.

We partner with funded startups to accelerate revenue growth and more mature enterprises to help them meet and exceed their revenue goals.


The businesses we partner with are run by dreamers. We help them make those dreams a reality.


What we do

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Social Media Advertising

Online revenue is driven by 4 things:

  1. A superior product or service

  2. Customer lifetime value

  3. Traffic

  4. Conversion rate

We partner with companies that have created a superior product or service and help them maximize customer lifetime value by sending them more traffic and increasing their conversion rates.

We do this via qualified lead generation and direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns.

Image by Melyna Valle

Social Media Management

For companies looking to create a brand that stands the test of time, our in-house creative team works with businesses to build memorable social media content.

We do this by developing branding strategies focused on creative and copy that serve a real business purpose and are aligned with business goals.


We've been in your shoes.
That's a huge advantage!

Unlike many marketing firms around the world, Social Media Burst is not solely a team of “lifetime marketers” but rather individuals who have real-world experience as entrepreneurs and successful businessmen and women.


Like the Apple’s and Microsoft’s of the world, our team has literally started businesses in their parent’s garage. We have collaborated with friends, colleagues, and mentors over coffee and know the spectacular highs of success and have learned many lessons from the teacher we call failure.

It is the accumulation of these experiences that allows us to serve our clients in ways most other marketing firms cannot. Social Media Burst knows exactly what it takes to build a brand and drive material growth in revenue. Let’s grow together.

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