Step up your feed game and wow your clients! Show them you can turn their social media presence into something more than just posts and filter presets.


Save money by creating your content directly in Photoshop. No more paying for sites and apps just to see how the content you create will look on a feed.


This template is meant for themed posts. It will allow you to bleed images into each other and create mood boards, then slice them up once you are ready to turn them into individual posts.


What's included:

  • Photoshop social media theme template
  • Image and text step-by-step instructions


As social media managers, we created something for those in our artistic community who love creating themed feeds or mood boards as we’ve seen a huge need for this.


If your platform preference is Photoshop and you are a social media manager OR have an Instagram account, then this Photoshop Social Media Template will be perfect for you.


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Photoshop Social Media Theme Template


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