This template with help you plan 30 days of content in a way that makes it easy to see how each post will complement the others. You can edit directly in the file to eliminate issues with moving between different programs. Edit – Plan – Save!


Save money by creating your content directly in Photoshop. No more paying for sites and apps just to see how the content you create will look on a feed.


This download includes:

  • Photoshop artboard template
  • Video step-by-step visual instructions


Make your social media calendar come to life with this easy to use planning template. As social media managers ourselves, we know how important it is to see a visual representation of your social media calendar for effective planning. If your platform preference is Photoshop and you are a social media manager OR have an Instagram account, then this artboard will be perfect for you.



This artboard is meant for standalone posts as opposed to themed feeds where the posts bleed into each other. If you are looking for a template that allows you to seamlessly create a themed feed, check out our "Photoshop - Themed Platform Calendar Planner."


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Photoshop Social Media Calendar - Template


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